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Gianluca Marcianò
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Tosca, Grange Park Opera
July 2017 | Opera Now | Tosca Review
“In the pit, the BBC Concert Orchestra conducted by Gianluca Marcianò gave us a good measure of the score”
Ashutosh Khandekar
13 June 2017 | Financial Times | Tosca Review ****
“Gianluca Marcianò fired up the BBC Concert Orchestra in the pit.”
Richard Fairman
13 June 2017 | MusicOMH | Tosca Review
“That sparkle was in fine form under the baton of Gianluca Marciano, who led the BBC Concert Orchestra in a festival standard performance, bringing out all the contrasts between lyricism and starkness which are so strong in Puccini’s score.”
Melanie Eskenazi
12 June 2017 | Evening Standard | Tosca Review
“The BBC Concert Orchestra played admirably under Gianluca Marciano.”
Barry Millington
12 June 2017 | Times | Tosca Review
“the BBC Concert Orchestra provided efficient playing under Gianluca Marcianò’s direction.”
Richard Morrison
12 June 2017 | Bachtrack | Tosca Review
“Gianluca Marcianò drew accurate, spirited playing, with good sense of pace, plenty of nicely turned woodwind phrases and fine Puccinian string sweep.”
David Karlin
12 June 2017 | Observer | Tosca Review
“Above all, musical standards gleam across cast and orchestra, from principal singers on stage down to jingle bells in the pit.”
Fiona Maddocks
9 June 2017 | Telegraph | Tosca Review
“Gianluca Marciano’s competent conducting of the BBC Concert Orchestra”
Rupert Christiansen
9 June 2017 | The Stage | Tosca Review
“In the pit Gianluca Marciano conducts the BBC Concert Orchestra in an efficient account of the score that allows some of its potency to register.”
George Hall
9 June 2017 | What’s on Stage | Tosca Review
“Most of all, Gianluca Marciano and the superb BBC Concert Orchestra delivered an account of Puccini's score that was as balefully eloquent as you'll hear anywhere.”
Mark Valencia
Don Carlo, Grange Park Opera
September 2016 | Opera Now | Don Carlo Review
“Jo Davies staged the action and personal angst painstakingly, with seriously focused performances, while conductor Gianluca Marcianò found much nuance and chiaroscuro in the gloomy score”
Robert Thicknesse
August 2016 | Opera Magazine | Don Carlo Review
“Gianluca Marcianò drew chiaroscuro contrasts from the pit, the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra in fine fettle”
Russ McDonald
29 July 2016 | Mundo Classico | Don Carlo Review
“… plea to continue representing the version of Milan, which in this case shone with spontaneity and fervour directed by Gianluca Marcianò in front of Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra.”
Agustin Blanco-Blazan
4 July 2016 | Daily Express | Don Carlo Review
“Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra’s inspired playing under conductor Gianluca Marciano emphasises the unremitting drama”
4 July 2016 | Financial Times | Don Carlo Review
“conductor Gianluca Marciano offers a persuasive account of Verdi’s great score, extremely well played by the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra.”
3 July 2016 | Sunday Times | Don Carlo Review
“It’s decently conducted by Gianluca Marcianò and well played by the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra”
Hugh Canning
20 June 2016 | Bachtrack | Don Carlo Review
“The support from Gianluca Marcianò and the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra was superb, as it had been all evening: rhythmic drive was solid, melodic accompaniments elegantly crafted, the power in the music always there below the surface and occasionally bursting through in full glory.”
David Karlin
20 June 2016 | Classical Source | Don Carlo Review
“underpinned by Gianluca Marcianò’s agile, drama-savvy conducting and some wonderful playing from the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra”
20 June 2016 | MusicOMH | Don Carlo Review
“Gianluca Marcianò directed the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra with his customary flair, giving sympathetic guidance to the singers and obtaining warmly phrased playing.”
Melanie Eskenazi
20 June 2016 | Telegraph | Don Carlo Review
“Gianluca Marciano is the primary asset: his astute conducting of the stalwart Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra is warmly phrased and tautly paced without overwhelming the singers, all of whom need his support to overcome the considerable vocal challenges. This is an opera of grandly conceived confrontations that rises to several climaxes, but Marciano always keeps the bigger picture in mind, rendering even the bizarre last scene, with its dying romantic fall and final explosion of melodrama, credible and moving.”
20 June 2016 | Guardian | Don Carlo Review
“with the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra on assured form under the focused baton of Gianluca Marcianò.”
George Hall
Nabucco, Opera Oviedo, 2015
12 October 2015 | Plays to See | Nabucco Review
“The skilled musical direction of the young Italian conductor Gianluca Marcianò offered a version restrained in tempi and, at the same time, very powerful”
Miriam Perandones
Eugene Onegin, Grange Park Opera
15 July 2015 | Music OMH | Eugene Onegin Review
“Conducting the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, Gianluca Marcianò brings clarity and a pleasing variety of hues to the score, while the excellent chorus feels very much in the right zone for tackling this masterpiece of the Russian operatic repertoire.”
Sam Smith
12 July 2015 | Planet Hugill | Eugene Onegin Review
“Gianluca Marcianò showed his versatility by turning to Tchaikovsky’s lyric scenes. Here he drew a performance from the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra which brought out the symphonic aspects of Tchaikovsky’s score, with a lovely flow to the scenes.”
Robert Hugill
11 July 2015 | Bachtrack | Eugene Onegin Review
“Gianluca Marcianò and the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra gave a spirited rendering of the score, making the most of its achingly melancholic melodies.”
David Karlin
Samson and Dalia, Grange Park Opera
21 June 2015 | Bachtrack | Samson and Dalia Review
“The strongest witnesses in favour were the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Gianluca Marcianò, who played out of their skins, revealing Saint- Saëns’ score to be a treasure trove: lush, full of variety, opulent to the point of decadence. The variety of orchestral sounds is greater than any I’ve heard from music prior to the twentieth century, and the music is awash with melody.”
David Karlin
June 2015 | Guardian | Samson and Dalia Review
“Gianluca Marcianò conducts the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra in a compelling realisation of the score”
George Hall
26 June 2015 | Classical Source | Samson and Dalia Review
“Samson et Dalila is a numbers opera, with clearly defined choruses, arias and ensembles, but Gianluca Marcianò conducted it with such sweep and momentum that you were barely aware of its conventionalism.”
Peter Reed
Al Bustan Festival
May 2017 | Opera Magazine | Al Bustan Review
“The artistic director, appointed in 2010, is the unstoppably inventive, crackingly energetic, multilingual, unblushingly enthusiastic and seemingly tireless Italian conductor Gianluca Marcianò.”
Henrietta Bredin
11 April 2015 | Guardian | Al Bustan Review (Norma)
“An intimate concert performance of Bellini’s Norma held an audience spellbound”
Maya Jaggi
May 2016 | Concerto Net | Al Bustan Review (Norma)
“A cosmopolitan combnation of artistic forces gathered for this performance… Gianluca Marcianò led a rousing performance from the talented youn musicians of the State Youth Orchestra of Armenia.”
Paul du Quenoy
June 2015 | Opera Magazine | Al Bustan Review
“Marcianò, who observed the standard cuts, gave the music style and shape”
George Loomis
Suoni dal Golfo
November 2017 | BBC Music Magazine | Michael Church Column
“Marciano’s orchestra was good and turned in an impressive open-air Scheherazade that finished as the chimes of midnight struck. A seaside success.”
16 September 2017 | The Guardian | Week in Books
“Shelley, a music lover and revolutionary poet, would have savoured this festival and its ethos”
Ed Vulliamy
22 September 2017 | Catholic Herald | Suoni dal Golfo Review
“It has unquestionable magic, bathed in moonlight as the final bars of Rimsky-Korsakov’s Scheherazade edged towards the early hours of the morning accompanied by the soft wash of the tide”
Michael White
09 September 2017 | Liguritutti | Suoni dal Golfo Review
“It was indeed “mesmerising” and made us tremble, as Marcianò and his festival intended.”
Ed Vulliamy
25 September 2017 | Reaction | Suoni dal Golfo Review
“The result is a youth orchestra of exceptional quality. Deployed with minimal rehearsal time to non-professional facilities, it produces commanding performances of big pieces matching the festival’s Romantic theme.”
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